5 Places I Must See: South America

Travelling is one of those things that is just in my being.  It makes me feel alive, and it opens my world in ways that I could never have expected.  Whether it is wandering the streets of a foreign city, tasting the plates of an exotic land, or overlooking a country's landscape at the end of a trek, there is always something to be learned.  I have been getting the travel itch big time lately as I peruse Pinterest, read blogs, and watch documentaries highlighting these beautiful places rich in culture and history.  So, since we are currently living in Chile, here are the four South American desitnations that are calling to me right now.

5. Buenos Aires, Argentina:  The colorful buildings and people of Argentina make this a must see for me.  This beautiful photo from  Jennifer Chong sent me over the edge, and I'm ready to book a ticket right now.

4.  Peru (All of it): Peru, for being such a small country, boasts several must see destinations.  From the salt beds to Machu Picchu, this country is high on my list.  

3. Easter Island, Chile: This is a no brainer, as both D and I have wanted to experience the wonder of this mysterious island.  The amazing Morerava eco-cabins just sealed the deal.  We are hoping to visit Easter Island by the end of the year! (Keep your fingers crossed!)

2. Amazon Rainforest: This is pretty much a "duh."  Who doesn't have the Amazon on their bucket lists?  Ever since I took a class at the local museum during my childhood, I have been extremely interested in the Amazon and all its secrets.  And, a girl can dream about staying at the amazingly beautiful Sacha Jungle Lodge in Ecuador during the trip, right?

1. Patagonia, Chile (and Argentina): You had me at Emperor Penguins!  This glacial wonderland is full of amazing wildlife from blue whales to penguins to orcas..and not to mentions these marble caves!  This is definitely an experience that would not soon be forgotten.  D and I hope to visit it soon!  We have been to Northern Patagonia, but we have yet to explore the wonders and beauty of Torre del Paine and Tierra del Fuego!  

What locations are on your travel bucket list?